Midland Sucks

The top 5 reasons that Midland, TX sucks

Everyone drives pick up trucks and semi trucks. And they are all late for work or something.

It’s freaking hot
The access roads are 2 way – scary if you aren’t used to it.

It’s bleak

And the number one reason Midland sucks.
Hometown of G and L Bush.

7 thoughts on “Midland Sucks

  1. Seems to me this person has been out in the 100 degree heat to long. Their ability to tell a story worth following “sucks”. I grew up there and have many pleasant memories of Midland. My suspicion is this person is from the north and has brought his piss poor attitude with him. Feel free to move away anytime and make Midland beautiful once again

    • SHE is actually from Dallas, she’s a fellow Texan like you and myself. She moved to Marfa because she loves Marfa, so you don’t need to worry about her detracting from midland’s “beauty”. Also, this was written 5 years ago you should probably move on to more current news. And while you’re at it learn when to use the correct “too”.

    • Well fairly certain George and laura Bush don’t live there. Funny thing is looking at his own site he was born in connectacunt. It’s a beautiful place if you love west Texas it’s just not best place in West Texas.

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