La La La

Had a chance to visit LA. Marfa is having an effect on me, all I wanted to do is see art and eat, and boy did I do that. Great, great city, suffering from high rents and homelessness. I am not sure what is going on there, but it is scary and it seems to revolve around high rents, which is becoming a problem in Marfa too. Maybe it is everywhere.


4 thoughts on “La La La

  1. No desire to go to LA but glad that you were able to see it all. Always, always love and enjoy your stories and fascinating pictures! It has been just too long!

  2. Great LA photos! Looks like a pretty amazing place. Our society is still kind of mean. We have to punish the homeless; that leaves more for us. Yay. It’s all a big Ponzi scheme that will take a long time to fail. J

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