Big Bend Views

Had a nice experience although very hot experience at Big Bend National Park.

First was the river road from Presidio, TX along the Rio Grande to Terlingua


Then arriving at my wonderful cabin, which looks out over the “Window”.


Did the “Balanced Rock” hike, which was perfect in this heat, flat, not too long, 2.3 mi. roundtrip. The surroundings made me think of a Western movie.

Some photos on the way to Santa Elena Canyon. It is hot hot summer and hazy. River low. My timing in photo not good, but in case you would like to see the brilliance of the 2 rock masses, one in Mexico, and one in the US, giving way to a river, I include a shot. To me the river symbolizes a needed break in the current negativity towards Mexico, as hope flows along like a river.


some photos taken on Window trail


lastly a quick couple of shots of an old home settled at the bottom of a canyon in the park.

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