Shot around Marfa on cloudy days

It is Spring in Marfa which means that anything loose in your backyard is going to get launched into orbit. Your hair becomes an alien dried out, blown out eye tickler. Dusty windy and high risk of static cat shock.

People flock to Marfa to get married. It is as if the desert quiet and beauty will give a couple a better start to their city lives.  This weekend we had many art openings, a big wedding, music, and I saw Kevin Bacon and his wife.

They are here shooting a TV pilot. How can it not work with Kevin Bacon. Schools out, flowers are blooming, no reason to be grumpy. Not that I need a reason.




IMG_1151 IMG_1135 IMG_1121 IMG_1118 IMG_1110 IMG_1108 IMG_1103 IMG_0955 IMG_0842 IMG_0709 IMG_0701 IMG_0696 IMG_0673

2 thoughts on “Shot around Marfa on cloudy days

  1. Looks great! Hope to visit in Sept after I install my art in an art show in NY. Fall grand tour – Austin, Marfa & Santa Fe!

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