Feast or Famine

Marfa is located in the Chihuahuan desert. It is feast or famine here. In a dry year, the lack of water is real hard on the wildlife. Right now things are pretty good. Our desert gets the summer monsoon type of rain so Spring is a waiting game, a windy waiting game which eventually gets hot and then late in summer brings hope and then rain. It comes down in torrents for weeks and that is our water for the year more or less.

Marfa is a feast of art. A feast of creative people, and a feast of freedom.

(The not so hidden meaning in this post is that I like Marfa.)

People in Marfa are independent and tough. They can walk around with 10 stickers in their foot, get hit by a cattle truck, denied lunch, bit by a rattlesnake, blown around in 30 mph winds, denied pizza, burned by the sun, denied medical care and say fuck it and do it the next day.   Things are not convenient here. If you need something you can post it online now and gather ideas from the community, but you have to be kind of scrappy and inventive. When new people move here they are bursting with ideas to make Marfa better. This gets chipped away little by little. As I know Marfa more and more, I meet more locals, learn names, what people do, the personal side of things. Life here is personal.

Anyway…People here are tough and weedy. It is not easy to get here, and it is not always easy to stay here. The tough remain. They pop back up and flower over and over again. The Marfa locals, a select bunch of funny and imaginative people have the space, time and quiet to expand their creativity while being nurtured by a palpable air of acceptance and humor  within the community. These creative people put themselves out there artistically over and over, you have to admire the fortitude.

I myself am easily distracted.

It is tempting and easy to watch and admire. It is harder to “do”. My attention to my work and interests is delicate. It blows in the wind, blows away, blows by, becomes visible, then blows away again..

I need to stay here and work this out.

This little water tower is sort of hard to shoot. It is surrounded by houses and power lines, but as you can see it is appealing. It is a constant. A little tin man cheering me up daily and nightly, and providing water too.

_MG_7326 IMG_0050 IMG_1438 IMG_6309 IMG_7484 IMG_7602 IMG_9490 Marfawatertower sunset1

4 thoughts on “Feast or Famine

  1. I always, always enjoy the hell out of your posts and look forward to each one. THIS one was your best yet. The respect and pride you have for your raw, untamed paradise was very evident along with the unique challenges of Marfa living as almost being a badge of honor. Only the strong survive… and you are thriving. Thanks for sharing!

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