No Beginning, No End

I am soaking up the dry desert air, enjoying the open spaces, and digging into my photo archive. One of the many things I love about Marfa is the constant presence of the train. It is very loud and totally unpredictable. It is large and scary, yet approachable since they are often painted in a personal way. Hello unknown painter, I read you. I have been printing these train pics lately, I see them as portraits. I realize my train has no beginning or end and feel that this must have a deeper meaning that as long as I am on this particular combination of wine and antidepressant I will ignore for now. Anyway it keeps me looking for the engine and the caboose. Train on the Brain.

_MG_2802 _MG_2795 _MG_2810 _MG_2809-Recovered _MG_2808 _MG_2804

And then some photos from my phone

There was a canoe trip to Moab with Dirk and Bettina-too great for wordsIMG_0038 IMG_0071 IMG_0089

Dinner with the most charming Kristin and Mary Bonkemeyer at Cochineal in Marfa, it is getting a tad chilly here at night now


random fun shotIMG_0261IMG_0266

And I will never forget my own MOM and her unique way of interpreting the world through non engagement. More on that upon request, or on a couch.

4 thoughts on “No Beginning, No End

  1. Always, always, always enjoy your posts, pictures, and unique perspective of your wonderful paradise. Not sure how I found you but glad that I did. The ones I like the most are those where you write about day-to-day life there. I remember one post where you mentioned the trials and tribulations of getting a repairman to come within the same year… Hehe!

    Thanks for your blog!


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