Head to Mexico II

I went again – To Mexico.

To work again at the school in Bacaburiachi. I remembered some of the kids from last time, and some of them remembered me. There is nothing mysterious about the beautifully dressed Tarahumara indians. They are sweet, fairly hard working, love kids. Another impoverished discriminated minority. And in Mexico that is saying a lot. Poor, badly educated, a deadly combination as we here in the US well know. They are too humble to take to the streets in anger demanding equal treatment. It is more like them to beg. I really understand that for some reason. I am not much of a fighter. The kids are just normal sweet happy kids. Probably not sure why they would want to excel. Some kids do get to move on to high school in Carichi. Others get to sell candy on the street in Chihuahua City.

I will get right to the photos and I promise the next blog will be US/Marfa based. These are my favorites. I will include one of the waterfall in Basasiachi, Chihuahua, Mexico so you can see how pretty it is.

At the School

IMG_0162b IMG_0083 IMG_0192IMG_0501IMG_0102IMG_0125 IMG_0413 IMG_0455

Some Architecture, Bacaburiachi, Chihuahua, Mexico

IMG_0465 IMG_0464

Cusarare, Chihuahua, Mexico

IMG_0068-2 IMG_0065-2 IMG_0055-2 IMG_0051-2

Chihuahua City, Chihuahua, Mexico

IMG_0022-2 IMG_0011-2 IMG_0008-2 IMG_0007-2

cascade at Basachiachi, Chihuahua, Mexico





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