In lieu of being important I am going to interview myself about my recent tour to the Copper Canyon area of Mexico aboard the CHEPE train.

  • Did you have fun: yes, lots
  • Did you drink the water: no, bought bottled water
  • Was the train ride fun: yes, totally fun, dining car, comfy
  • Was the food good: yes, OMG, homemade tortillas, chili rellenos…
  • Did you hurl: no
  • Was there any hint of trouble: no

My tour guide was Jim Glendinning from Alpine he did a great job, there were twelve in the group. If you want to book it yourself within Mexico there is a group called Three Amigos Adventures in Creel, Mexico. One of my favorite times was in our non electric hotel outside Creel a small town located at 7,694 ft. in the Sierra Madres, hiking to a waterfall and also a hike to rock art, rooms equipped with wood burning stoves and kerosene lanterns, tarahumara women in the kitchen cooking meals, a guitar band playing corridas at dinner, wine and margaritas. It felt authentic and was really memorable.

Here is my smattering of photos. The Tarahumara seem to hate having their photos made and I am conflicted. These people are poor and disadvantaged enough, I feel guilty for getting some photos, if they didn’t dress so cool, I would leave them be. The dancer man is re enacting a sacred dance from before the Spanish missionaries came to unravel their religion.

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