Stepping on a Rainbow

My friend from Denver Pat Griffin just died suddenly, he was 68, cause not known yet. My immediate reaction is always that I really need to talk to him one more time. This is my second sudden death of a friend in a few months. It brings to mind the seriousness of the subject of being happy. It should not be so hard, but if you are getting on in years, you better start thinking about it. Because soon enough you end up dead with possessions, houses, books, papers, and sad and confused friends left behind. I think it is a good idea to find those friends and have some fun. I don’t think it has to be a spouse/partner although if you have that congratulations, that will work. It can be scary to be happy, I have to bust out of my comfort zone which is hard.

Pat liked my photography and recently told me to believe in myself and keep at it. Thanks Pat I just want to talk to you one more time, with meaning.

6 thoughts on “Stepping on a Rainbow

  1. ML, listen up. Everybody who knows your photography loves it. That’s a lovely tribute to your friend too.

  2. I have loved your photography since high school. A very nice tribute to obviously a great friend! Be happy my friend and continue taking wonderful photographs and enjoying your life in Marfa!

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