Terlingua got me in trouble. I was so curious about the geology of the place that I am now taking a geology class at Sul Ross in Alpine a lone senior citizen in a class of babies. All I know is that there are unusual beeps and sounds when the students turn off their devices before class. Maybe games? or something because it is eerie. On my first day I stopped to ask a fellow “Lobo” where a building was (that was right in front of me) and first he spit, and then he took out his ear buds and looked at me to begin again. So these kids are really in their own heads. I have not figured out yet what is going on in Terlingua but I am learning to keep to myself. I have so far only gleaned that the earth is very, very old and that all this stuff we see around us took millions of years to happen and is seriously changed and eroded from what it started out as.  The drive to Alpine is fine albeit cold lately.

IMG_2266 IMG_2269

Here is one more photo that I took recently of my secret spiritual advisor. She says I need to keep seeking the magic.


Thank you thank you to the nice person in Wrong today who told me to keep blogging. I will put in a good word for you to my yucca. I do remember you just not your name.

PSS Recent remark by my 94 year old friend at dinner: “I need to drink more wine because I didn’t have lunch”.  Made perfect sense at the time.


5 thoughts on “Geology

  1. You need to mentor that kid from Boyhood. He’s at Sul Ross and is an aspiring photographer. I liked that part of that very long movie.

  2. Love it! Maybe you can teach a few of these youngsters to appreciate the earth and unplug long enough to notice the magic and beauty all around!

  3. Sounds great about your geology class, maybe the disconnected younger Lobos will warm up! Your secret spiritual advisor pic my favorite. I hope you keep blogging, though it can be a pain at times – not enough blogs in far west TX.

  4. wonderful that you are taking that geology class…I need to go to Terlingua on my next trip out there…I am intrigued by that place…beautiful photos..!

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